We are the top 500 Chinese Company
We are the specialized elevator manufacturer and service provider
We are the parking equipment industry leader
We are a leading manufacturer of waste heat boiler
We provide products and services for aircraft manufacturers
We provide elevators for existing buildings with one-stop service
Our Industry
XIZI UHC is a large enterprise group that spans across multiple industries, with manufacturing as the core. The businesses include elevator and elevator
components, boiler, aerospace, parking system, crane, steel structure, real estate, commerce, finance agriculture and investment.
Company Profile
Headquartered in Hangzhou, XIZI UHC is listed as one of the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises. The sales revenue reaches 26.9 billion
and the number of employees is close to 10 thousand.;
News Center
導 讀 3月13日,杭州市委常委、市紀委書記陳擎蒼,市紀委常務副書記、市監委副主任朱華,市...

Xizi United Holdings Limited

P 86-571-85166111
E [email protected]

NO.1-1 East Qingchun Road, Hangzhou
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